Aleif Hamdan Group

The Aleif Hamdan Group is my own personal creative project, with myself as the director of the ensemble. 

What started in 2015 as the supporting band for my EP "Emblem", the band has grown to become an active performance unit. Currently, we are based in Boston and are looking to spread the music to the New York circuit in the end of the year. 

The group has gotten positive acclaim from a number of international magazines, review sites and polls.

"Emblem” is a jazz-blues-rock fusion album that incorporates the guitarist’s love for worldwide music in general. What is more surprising, is the sheer class that shines through on this recording. Not just his undoubted skill as a soloist, but perhaps more notably, his compositional talent combined with a genuine, raw and unadulterated desire to bring joy with the music he makes." - UK Vibe Magazine, 2016