"EMBLEM" - my debut EP - is now available to stream and download on Bandcamp! 

All music composed and arranged by Aleif Hamdan
Producer - Alek Darson
Co-Producer - Aleif Hamdan
Engineering - Alek Darson
Assistant Engineers - Garry Purohit and Ashwin Shenoy
Mixing and Mastering - Alek Darson at Stretch Studio
Recorded at The Record Company / Perfection Studios
Artwork by Jasper Farish
Cover Design by Lydia Renold

Aleif Hamdan - Guitar
Billy Yeung - Alto Sax (1, 2, 3) 
Daniel Ko - Tenor Sax (6) 
Caleb Hensinger - Synth/Trumpet (4, 5) 
JennHwan Wong - Piano (1, 4, 5, 6) 
Jens Sweeting - Piano (2, 3) 
Alex Gorchesky - Bass (2, 3, 4, 5) 
David Katilius - Bass (6) 
Eric Falter - Bass (1) 
Jongkuk Kim - Drum Set
Daniel Feldman - Percussion (6)

Aleif Hamdan is a guitarist/composer from Indonesia and Malaysia. Growing up in South East Asia, Aleif was exposed to a wide variety of music, contributing to a diverse and eclectic palette of taste. Aleif moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2010 to pursue studies at the International College of Music, and eventually earned a reputation in the national music scene after winning several competitions and awards. In 2012, he moved to the States after receiving the Berklee Achievement Scholarship to further explore new voices in music. Here he gained further recognition as a musician,  performing at major venues in the Boston and New York area such as the U.N. General Assembly Hall, Boston Symphony Hall and The Bitter End. He has been privileged have worked with major-label / award-winning artists, such as; A.R. Rahman, Jesse Colin Young, Gino Banks, Raghu Dixit and Dee Dee Bridgewater, amongst others. After graduating from Berklee with Summa Cum Laude distinction, Aleif has worked his way to become an in-demand session player; performing and arranging on a wide variety of projects with globally renowned artists from the United States, India, Japan, and several other countries. 

"To my mind this guy has a huge future ahead of him, and on the evidence of this album alone, deserves to be considered as potentially one of the leading lights in the world of jazz for many years to come. His music is spellbinding, courageous, and above all, joyful. With the right label and support he could in time be releasing music that not only gets listened to by thousands the world over, but also receives huge critical acclaim to go with it." - UK Vibe Magazine
"Outstanding, talented musicians like Aleif not only enrich our own experiences as artists when we collaborate, but also inspire us to challenge ourselves and create incredible works of art. Aleif truly represents the ideal artist not only as a performer, composer and arranger, but also an artist who understands the importance of giving back." - Annette Philip
"With his exceptional talent, pleasant attitude and a willingness to work hard, there is no doubt in my mind that he will make a mark here." - Prasanna
"Aleif is a very talented musician, he displays excellent technique on the guitar as well as advanced ear-training. He is an open minded musician who is highly creative." - Tim Miller